We are all the same.

We are Zebras in Public.

The public is a conglomerate of different races, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds, but we all bleed and breathe the same. With three musicians that are white, a black bassist and lead singer, Zebras in Public is a testament that the public is one. Four different men, four different musicians, and four different backgrounds.

June 28. 2012

This week Zebras in Public welcomes its newest member, Brandon Masters. Brandon will be replacing Justin as the bands bass player, allowing him to return to rhythm guitar (something Justin is very happy about.) Brandon is a long time friend who has been playing music most of his life. He is very happy to be joining us on stage for the very first time this coming saturday at the Avenue Lounge. We would like to thank all of our fans for sticking with us. We know we have had multiple lineup changes, but we feel like we have finally found the right people to take Zebras in Public to the top.

May 9. 2012

Zip Chicks 2012 Contest has begun! Submit your photo for a chance to win, remember to get all of your friends to vote for your image on our Facebook page. Voting begins June 1st.

zip chicksZip Chicks 2012 Contest Rules: Upon submission all photos will be placed into a photos folder on the Zebras in Public Facebook page, and will also be included in the photo gallery section of Zebrasinpublic.net. It is the contestants sole responsibility to promote their picture on Facebook. The photo with the most "Like's" on their photo posted in the Zip Chicks Contest folder on the Zebras in Public Facebook page at the end of the contest period (August 31st, 2012) will be deemed the winner. Voters are required to "Like" the Zebras in Public Facebook page in order to access the Zip Chicks Contest folder. The winner will be contacted within 14 business days to claim their prize. If the person with the most likes becomes ineligible, the second place contestent will be contacted.

Prize description: The winner of the 2012 Zip Chicks Contest will win a cash prize of $300 as well as a complimentary photo shoot with photographer Justin Caridi and will be the 2012 Featured Zip Chick for Zebras in Public which includes being featured on our website and promo materials to be used throughout 2012.

See the Rules page for more information or click the Zip Chicks image above to submit your Zip Chicks Photo!

May 9. 2012

Coming this June, we will be giving you an inside look into the lives of Zebras in Public. Our video diaries will document some of the behind the scenes moments and what its like to be in a rock band. You can still check out our Merch page to pick up Zebras in Public band apparel and thank you for supporting Zebras in Public!
This coming saturday May 12th, we are shooting with Justin Caridi. Justin has done some of our recent photos, including all marketing campaign photos for 2012. You can check out his site by clicking here. We will post pics as soon as they are available.



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